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The Floyd 5.136 story continues in

Xea in the Library of All Human Knowledge

The MAC Series Book 2

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Genetic Engineering Science Fiction



The story of the MAC clones continues as Floyd 5.136, Marie 2.3 and the others explore their strange world with the help of a very unusual cat and an exceptional little girl named Xea.

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Floyd 5.136

The MAC Series Book 1

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Genetic Engineering Science Fiction

A thought-provoking new science fiction novel by S F Chapman.


Who was she?


Floyd stared with great interest at the slumbering young woman as she was slowly freed from the silky gray cocoon.


She was quite striking Floyd realized. But more importantly, she was the first new person to be generated in more than fifteen thousand years!


For eons, the strange fibrous life form known as “The Cotton” had regularly produced nearly innumerable copies of the same seven people. The group members lived rather ordinary lives and, when old age or accidents interceded, died ordinary deaths.


But Floyd and his companions always started out in the same very unusual and unhuman-like way as cocoon-bound twenty-five year old adults in full possession of their past memories.


Everything would change with the arrival of the intriguing young woman.

The Ripple in Space-Time

Free City Book 1

4.2 Stars Amazon.UK

#1 Science Fiction Adventure novel at on March 19th 2013

#1 Science Fiction Dystopia at on May 19th 2013

# 2 Science Fiction Action/Adventure novel at February 7th 2015

Science Fiction Detective Adventure!

Inspector Ryo Trop of the Free City Inquisitor's Office is called in when the Lunar Ultra Energy Lab is destroyed by a mysterious blast.


Ryo quickly discovers that a complex and sinister scheme is afoot as he searches for clues in the moldering feudal fiefdoms of the Warlords that dominate human affairs in 2445.


As he struggles with the difficult case, the same question keeps popping up: Could the recent wave of space piracy be connected to the disaster?


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I'm here to help

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4.3 Stars Amazon.UK

#1 Literary Fiction novel at on July 21st 2013

#1 Women's Fiction at on November 22nd 2013

#1 Literary Fiction novel at on March 27th and 28th 2015

#7 Literary Fiction at Amazon UK on March 28th 2015

I'm here to help is a poignant tale about a teenager who finally discovers the truth about her birth.


When seventeen-year-old Renita realizes that her long-held belief that she was adopted might not be true, she confronts her mother with her suspicions and learns of the convoluted events that transpired in the months before her birth.


Renita's mother uses a collection of old photographs that have hung on the wall for years to explain what happened.


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The Ripple in Space-Time story continues in


Torn From On High

Free City Book 2

4.08 Stars GoodReads

4.1 Stars

4.7 Stars Amazon.UK

#2 Crime novel at on March 13th 2015

Science Fiction Action/Adventure novel 

Science Fiction Detective novel

The adventures of Ryo Trop continue!


Finally back in Free City after he solved an exhausting kidnapping case in the Outer Solar System, Inspector Ryo Trop of the Free City Inquisitor's Office is called out of early retirement to put an end to a puzzling crime wave.


Someone is murdering Space Debris Salvage workers.


In the moldering ruins following the Second Amero-Asian War, unrest is rampant just outside of Free City in the huge feudal fiefdom of EurAfrica.


Meanwhile, Ryo’s longtime friend, Spy Master Lieutenant Zmuda, has discovered a clandestine plot for human domination in the Sahara Desert.


As the cop and the spy labor with their difficult cases, both wonder who would want to murder junkmen?


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On the Back of the Beast

4.0 Stars Amazon.UK

3.8 Stars

3.97 Stars GoodReads

# 1 Science Fiction Adventure novel at on September 28th 2013

#1 Women's Fiction at on December 25th and 26th 2013

#1 Women's Fiction at on April 4th 2014

Everyone knew it was coming...


No one was ready when it finally hit.


It had been over a century since the last big one decimated the San Francisco Bay Area and another massive tremor was long overdue. The slumbering beast that is the Hayward Fault finally awoke on an ordinary October morning, catching millions of people by surprise.


Will seventeen-year-old Kayla Hendley, airline pilot Burt Weaver, precocious second grader Gwen Mills and many others survive the convolutions of the angry earth?


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